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Artsy runs in my family but so does techy. It only took years of crafting & fiddling with computers to realize how much I love to digitally design!
I was that person ! That person who would be asked by friend or family member to design them a poster, a flyer, a brochure or a birthday invite. I’d click open my softwares of choice, PowerPoint and Paint and I’d somehow design away!

Then I entered the print field professionally. Customer service at first. Where I learned how confusing print can be for a customer but yet how passionate a customer still was about what they wanted to put out on ink and paper. From there I joined the production world of print. Yes – the big xerox machines, laser cutters, folding machines, poster printers…. I got to manage this type of production and really open my eyes to the world of print.

At home and away from work I was still a crafty little bee. Designing my pregnancy announcement by hand, still using my software of choice to design my sons birthday cards and stationary…. adding my finishing touches with some bows and glue.

It wasn’t until I started vetting files for campaigns, advertisements, business brochures and signs …. that I realized I love the work put behind creating these digital files. So I started to take some classes and dump my passion to use PPT and Paint to design. I started to learn about Adobe and it’s world of miracles for graphic designing.

Between two maternity leaves I got to learn about how to put together a beautiful professional looking design. But now what? Then I saw it ! I love weddings ! I love stationary ! Why not combine those two and get on Etsy and start sharing what I think looks nice ? So here I am….completing orders and updating my Etsy page between diaper changes and LEGO building with my boys.

My goal is to continue to add on to my shop and to also increase my selection of digital designs of poster prints, welcome signs, invitations for DIY brides and to add a load more of wedding stationary.

If one thing I’ve learned is that you should never stop learning and I expect my shop to be one that continues to change and grow as I continue to learn!